Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of helping your website rank better for keywords in search engines such as Google and Bing.

For your gas or oil business, SEO can be performed both on your website and off your website. On-page optimization consists of using the keywords your ideal customers are search for online within your website, a business blog, and connecting to your social media platforms.

OSC specializes as an SEO company for the oil industry. We will help optimize your site and take advantage of organic search results. Organic results are produced in a “natural” way via the optimization efforts mentioned above. Think of them as the opposite of pay-per-click results, or advertising.

Rank Higher in Search Engine Results


Basic Search Engine Optimization

As apart of every website we build, Oil Sales Consulting includes basic optimization in order to improve opportunities for success for our clients.

Since SEO is no longer a choice – it’s a necessity – we make sure that your website is in the best standing possible to compete in your industry.


SEO is vital to your website’s success.

In order for the best leads and your ideal customers to reach your site, it has to be optimized for the keywords and phrases they are typing into their favorite search engine.

Even without OSC having developed your website, we can still optimize your current website for an hourly fee or on a monthly basis that fits within your budget.

With both a keyword analysis and implementation of those keywords throughout your site, your gas and oil customers will be finding your website in no time. We’ll also work with you along the way so you can begin applying powerful SEO concepts in the future.

Search Engine Optimization Company for Oil Industry

Blog Writing and Content Creation to Boost SEO


A blog is the perfect place to incorporate your Search Engine Optimization best practices.

Your oil or gas business blog will engage your existing customers and help potential customers discover you. From creating unique content to optimizing for distinctive keyword searches your customers will make, a blog is an important part of almost every successful web marketing plan.

That’s where Oil Sales Consulting comes in: we’ll not only create your blog, but we’ll create powerful blog posts on a regular basis to attract and convert your audience.