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Standing out in the oil industry can be a challenge.

Marketing your company effectively requires time, effort, and a solid strategy.
This is where our team at Oil Sales Consulting comes in. Web development and marketing is
our full time job so we’ve established a system over the years – a system that works.

By always learning and practicing the latest techniques,
we help our clients to continue improving instead of falling stagnant.
Your success is our mission. Let’s collaborate and strengthen your company’s online presence!

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    President / Project Manager

    Jesse is the ambitious owner of Oil Sales Consulting. His father worked at one of the leading fuel card companies for over 30 years, bringing Jesse along to SIGMA conventions from a young age. It was during this time that he recognized a disconnect between the oil industry and modern marketing - and set out to fix it.

    By combining the latest marketing and web design approaches, Jesse has built a web firm customized to the oil industry and it’s unique challenges. Teaming up with Oil Sales Consulting means you will be in direct communication with the owner and a man committed to the success of his clients.

    In Jesse’s free time, he enjoys spending time with family and tinkering on the start of his car collection. The latest addition to the family is a 1973 Robin Reliant, which is a 3 wheel, right hand drive vehicle.

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    Oil Industry Expert

    With over 35 years in the oil industry, Steve has firsthand experience in building an exceptional oil brand. His career began with A.R. Wright for 7 years until it became Wright Express. There he held many positions, from early days of building the first epos networks to managing private label programs for some of the country's best marketers, calling on companies around the country.

    Following his 25 years at WEX, Steve cofounded 360FuelConsulting and 360FuelCard in 2009 with a team of experienced partners. 360FuelConsulting provides consulting services to investment companies interested in the commercial fuel card space as well as petroleum marketers wanting to build or rebuild a card program. 360FuelCard is a fleet fuel card with many options and programs to help company fleets save on fuel. In 2013, Steve accepted a position of VP Sales and Marketing for Quarles Petroleum Inc.

    When Steve isn’t researching new trends in the fuel industry, he’s looking for vehicles to add to his car collection.

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    SEO Specialist / Inbound Marketer

    The expression “Content is King” is what drives Salena in her passion for writing. Regardless of how excellent a website is designed, she believes content is ultimately what will make-or-break any online presence.

    Salena will help your company speak to readers through copy that appeals to their goals, concerns, and preferences. In addition to answering questions, she will use content with the right keywords to boost your website’s rank in search engines and set your brand apart.

    Besides writing, she assists the Oil Sales Consulting team with inbound marketing campaigns, workflows, social media marketing, and search engine performance monitoring.

    To occupy her free time, Salena enjoys shopping at Ikea and going on walks with her Golden Retriever, Luna.

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    Lead Designer

    Karalyn is passionate about web and user experience design. She loves creating elegant websites that accomplish business’s needs. After moving to Maine in 2004 to attend Maine College of Art, Karalyn graduated in 2008 with BFA in New Media. Karalyn stays active in her local design community by serving on her local AIGA chapter board. When she is not designing websites, Karalyn spends her free time creating her own art and stationery products which she sells online and at local craft fairs.